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To ,Valuable Customer                                            


Sub :- Price revision on corrugated Boxes by 25%  due to heavy Increase In Rates By paper Mill With Immediate Effects


Heavy Increase on raw materials cost.


We thank you very much for your kind courtesy extended  with us during our past supplies of corrugated boxes. As a genuine customer we have fulfilled your all requirements in time to time. From few month’s paper manufacturers had increased rate of kraft paper and white duplex ,the total price of paper would be increase by Rs. 7.00/-There is also increase in stiching wire by 3 Re Per Kg  and Starch Gum by  4 Re Per Kg.  Geb Unit change by 2%.

We also like to inform you reason for increase in paper cost that the paper mills are exporting their paper in out side Gujarat. And the waste which should be come back to the paper mill is not coming back. So that the shortage of the waste paper is motivating to increase the paper cost. The imported paper is also become costly due to the Wastage shortage. So we have also point out this issue to the press.We are facing Problem also due to Mill association Decision.

Details are also available at Gujarat Corrugation Box Manufacturing Association at

We all aware of the competition of business in any field are boosting ups and up. We better knows to stand in market we have to quote competitive rates ad still we are maintaining this type of policy. If have any nominal increase on raw materials we are decreasing our profits to maintain long business relationship.

But, If we are facing major increases we compel to put customers with their permission by increasing Approx 25% in corrugated boxes by Immediate Effect.

Factor Liable for Price Rise


  1. Kraft            :- 25% Increase With Immediate Effect
  2. Duplex         :- 15% Increase
  3. Gi Wire         :- 5.22% Increase .
  4. Light bill      :- 2 % Increase
  5. Salary          :- 10.25% Increase
  6. Diesel          :- 4.25% Increase

We hope, you can understand our position well. We are waiting for your kind co-operation as still in future also.

Thanking you and looking forward a cordial relationship.

For, Seven S Packaging.